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a multi-functional creative studio inspiring creativity and fostering connection

The term flourishing is used within positive psychology to explain the pursuit of an authentic life that brings joy and happiness through being connected with life passions. This phrase encompasses everything Deanna is wanting to accomplish through the studio and is what we wanted to convey through the brand identity. The small, circular embellishments on each letter add subtle touches of femininity making the consumer feel cared for and connected, while the warm colour palette reinforces that.


We created a set of floral design elements based off the diamond below the 'O' which feature throughout both the print and digital collateral to tie in each facet of the branding. They not only add an element of intrigue, but also soften the brand allowing the female demographic to feel connected.

For the website we wanted the audience to identify with the brand before even stepping foot in the studio. Through the warm colour palette, tone of voice and imagery we made sure that every aspect of the site was intentionally crafted to inspire trust and care.


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