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A space for the eco-concious to shop locally, organically and sustainably

As supermarkets move towards less interaction and more packaging it’s time for our shopping habits to change, so say hello to New Leaf Refills.


Lauren's sustainable approach and strong connection to nature were the main drivers behind the overall brand direction. As refillaries are becoming increasingly more popular as the push for sustainability becomes the norm, we wanted something both modern and natural, but with a slight twist to ensure it stood out from the competition.


The logo itself combines a custom serif font with an illustration of the Kaihua or kaiwhiria Maori jasmine, a native New Zealand plant, creating that strong connection to nature. The deep green and contrasted beige tones in the colour palette add to the very approachable, natural feeling of the brand and translate fluidly throughout the digital and printed collateral.

Refill websites can be confusing, so making sure the process was easy to understand was very important and provided the backbone for how the site was designed. Custom icons were created to help customers navigate the website and light, warm imagery ties everything together seamlessly.


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