Updated: Aug 9, 2021

There are so many apps and websites out there that make design accessible and easy to use for everyone, so why would you choose a brand and strategy designer? In this blog post I'm going to run through a few of the main reasons why choosing a designer for your brand, website and digital assets is way more valuable then you might think.

First and foremost, what is a brand? A brand is a set of assets that are uniquely your own, working cohesively together across multiple platforms to make your customer instantly connect and recognise you. It is your way of owning the space you're in and standing out from the crowd. A good brand should resonate deeply with you and leave you with that feeling of home. How your brand feels to you is exactly how you want it to feel to your customers. And that's just the brand itself. It then needs to meld seamlessly across both the print and digital spheres, so that every single time someone interacts with your brand they know it's you. Sounds complicated, right? That's because it is.

So that brings me to my topic, why invest in a designer?


I know Canva can feel like you've stumbled upon this untapped design gold mine, and it can seem like a great tool for those quick social media posts. But it's also easy to forget one simple fact: millions of other people have stumbled upon this design gold mine as well. Canva designs are rinsed and repeated hundreds of thousands of times across the world daily and your brand can begin to meld into the crowd. You're individual, so doesn't your brand deserve to be individual too?


From the outside looking in design can seem like it's just about the end product, but in actual fact design is actually more about how they end product makes you feel. We are all humans and we make decisions based on emotions. So if your brand can strategically play into the emotions your consumer is using to make their decisions, then this can be a huge advantage when it comes to generating leads and making sales. And the same is true for your website. Every single thing on your website should be there for a purpose and should be driving your consumer towards a goal. This is why working with a designer to make sure every aspect your consumer interacts with is purposely designed to build trust and drive sales.

You can find out more about my approach to intuitive design here.


It's not just about creating a beautiful Instagram feed. While that's a good platform to begin drawing your ideal customer in, what happens when they click onto your website? How do they feel when they see your flyers at a market? Or notice your sign on the street? Your branding needs to meld across every single aspect of your business for it to be a success, and that's where all of these apps and websites fall short. They are focused on a single aspect, not the whole picture. That's where your designer steps in. They have to be a jack of all trades, because design is not a one size fits all. It's unique to you, your goals and your customer.


Have you ever noticed certain design trends flowing through social media? Or how logos in certain years seem to all have a similar font or include a certain style of brand mark? Well, guess who begins those trends. Yep, you guessed it - Designers. We're always one step ahead of the crowd, because we make the rules, not follow them.


There is one other aspect of using a designer that always seems to get forgotten, and that's what I like to call the flow on effect. Just like you, your designer will also have social media platforms, a website and a portfolio. And do you want to know what they share on those? Their work. That means your brand has the chance to reach a whole new group of people who appreciate good design and are actually fairly likely to follow your journey. How do I know this? Because the brands I follow are usually found through other designers work. I appreciate the brand, so I follow along for the journey and have even been known to purchase the product. I've also had clients of mine reach out to me asking for details from previous clients as they want to stock their product on their online store. The connections are endless.

I know when you're just starting out design can seem like a big investment, so using websites like Canva might seem like the easier, cheaper alternative. But good branding is an investment into your future. You will continue to see the benefit from this investment for years and years to come.

Pro tip: Your branding is a business expense and can be written off at tax time.

If you'd like to speak to me about your project, I'd love to hear about it. Simply get in touch with me here and we'll organise a time to chat.


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